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Commercial Confetti Cannon Special Effects products are used to create an enormous amount of excitement. Entertainment executives, motion picture directors, artists and event planners may contact about Confetti Cannons for Weddings, Confetti Cannons for Party planners or Large Confetti Cannons for corporate events. is a premier special effects company that provides online sales and free shipping. Contact a representative today for more details.

Product Description

Confetti Cannon for Sale

Product Description

The Confetti Cannon is a crowd pleaser for special effects that features a very durable design. Carrying handles and bottom-mounted wheels are equipped for maneuvering the Confetti Cannon with ease. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, the Confetti Cannon is capable of blasting streamers, tissue paper, confetti and other items up to 50 feet into the air.

Other Details

While increasing safety and eliminating the need for electricity, the Confetti Cannon operates on C02. sells branded C02 equipment from The Confetti Cannon includes a user’s manual, a CryoFX branded hose and a manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact a representative from for additional details about the Confetti Cannon and other special effects products.



Special effects can substantially increase the excitement level for major events. Certain products have undeniable attention-grabbing features. Entertainers who use a Confetti Launcher or a variety of Large Confetti Cannons will be noticed immediately. Screenwriters can use products such as a Confetti Launcher or Large Confetti Cannons to create the perfect scene. For iconic productions, a professional special effects company may be contacted about Confetti Cannons for Weddings, Confetti Cannons for Party suppliers and other unique items. offers a stunning product line for Commercial Confetti Cannon Special Effects.


About Confetti Cannons

During a major event or a corporate promotion, Large Confetti Cannons are used to launch a variety of vivid items into the air. Bright pieces of confetti, tissue paper, streamers or other safe items may be blasted into the air with a powerful Confetti Launcher. Unlike one-time use products, an entertainer may speak with a special effects company about purchasing reusable Confetti Cannons or about Confetti Cannons for Party animals.


Who Uses Confetti Cannons From

As a special effects company with a growing list of products for the entertainment industry, sells Commercial Confetti Cannon Special Effects items to celebrities, film directors, entertainers, club owners and to consumers, as well.

Some of the best event planners will purchase products from a special effects company, such as Confetti Cannons for Weddings or Confetti Cannons for Party atmospheres. Ownership of special effects equipment provides a competitive edge for event planners who offer an array of exquisite services. Buying Confetti Cannons for Weddings could eliminate last-minute requests through local companies that might be out-of-stock for certain items.

After a couple exchanges vows, an event planner could use the Confetti Cannons for Weddings to create a memorable moment. Whether used at a wedding ceremony or a wedding reception, Confetti Cannons for Weddings may be integrated with certain elements from entertainers, photographers and a video crew to create an amazing event.

To congratulate televised contest winners, some popular cooking shows use Confetti Cannons for Party environments to electrify a captive audience. Large crowds often require Commercial Confetti Cannon Special Effects to generate an overwhelming response. However, the ideal Confetti Launcher may be relative to the size of a certain venue. In some instances, a group of Large Confetti Cannons might be required for a premier outdoor concert.


Benefits of Using Commercial Confetti Cannon Special Effects

Theatrical concepts are often used to engage audiences who are watching movies, concerts, video productions and a variety of live events. Instead of using tactics such as a magic trick or other low-key introductions, motion picture directors, recording artists and club owners can generate some head-turning excitement with ideas from a special effects company.

The Confetti Cannons for Party participants and the Confetti Launcher are very capable of providing some enormous shock value during the use of Commercial Confetti Cannon Special Effects.

Confetti Cannon for Rent

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