Large Stadium Confetti Cannon

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Producing special effects with Stadium Confetti Cannon Equipment could be instrumental toward the filming of a hit movie. Using Mega Confetti Cannon Shooters, Special Effects Equipment – Confetti Cannons, Huge Confetti Cannon Launchers or Big Confetti Cannons from can enable entertainment executives to create a host of stunning theatrical effects.


Product Description

The Big Confetti Cannon is made to deliver powerful blasts of confetti more than 50 feet into the air. Its portability is perfect for entertainers who want to shoot confetti from different angles or from multiple locations. Conveniently placed carrying handles and wheels provide enhanced mobility features for users of the Big Confetti Cannon.


Other Details

Great for indoor or outdoor use, the Big Confetti Cannon does not require electricity. C02 equipment and hoses from are used to operate the Big Confetti Cannon. Purchasers will receive a user’s manual, as well as a manufacturer’s warranty for products from that are sold by Hollywood Special FX.

Product Description



Mega Large Stadium Confetti Cannon Shooters provide instant exposure at grand events. When an enormous response is needed to captivate an audience, entertainment legends and film directors may use various Special Effects Equipment – Confetti Cannons and Huge Confetti Cannon Launchers to obtain an optimal amount of theatrical elements. The Big Confetti Cannons from Hollywood Special FX aims to exceed the expectation of the most acclaimed critics within the entertainment industry.


About Giant Confetti Cannon Blasters

Stadium Confetti Cannon Equipment such as the Mega Confetti Cannon Shooters and the Giant Confetti Cannon Blasters have the capacity to hold large volumes of confetti. For spectacular movie scenes, a film director may showcase dynamic effects with Giant Confetti Cannon Blasters that deliver large bursts of confetti on demand.

When a production team is on location for a special movie clip, the quick delivery of confetti from reliable products is an important feature. To save time and money for entertainment professionals, procures branded Stadium Confetti Cannon Equipment, Big Confetti Cannons and Giant Confetti Cannon Blasters.


Benefits of Special Effects Equipment – Confetti Cannons

Entertainment experts might agree that a Huge Confetti Cannon Launcher provides a safer delivery method for confetti when compared to traditional means. Instead of using tall props, ladders and crewmen to dump buckets of confetti during a special effects set, a movie director can signal a production assist to blast a Big Confetti Cannon.

Mega Confetti Cannon Shooters are popular types of Stadium Confetti Cannon Equipment for the creation of aerial arches and rainbows. Ownership of theatrical equipment could enable entertainment professionals and event planners to showcase bright displays of confetti or other paper products. Movie directors can purchase Special Effects Equipment – Confetti Cannons and more items from


Using a Huge Confetti Cannon Launcher for Added Shock Value

A display of confetti is usually a signal for a special appearance, an announcement or certain types of special effects. With a Huge Confetti Cannon Launcher, a user gets the opportunity to skyrocket a pile of confetti that will swirl its way toward the ground. Since confetti usually represents a positive moment in time, a movie director could incorporate a Huge Confetti Cannon Launcher into a scene that requires a desired reaction or a distraction.

Added shock value may be produced for a special effects scene with a Huge Confetti Cannon Launcher that is very easy to use.


Big Confetti Cannons to Illuminate the Show

For spectacular bursts of confetti, filmmakers, singers, comedians and other performers can use a Big Confetti Cannon to help capture the limelight. Circus entertainers could use confetti to highlight certain aerial acts or performances. Concert promoters may also use a Big Confetti Cannon to create a grand entrance for an A-list performer.

Buying Special Effects Equipment – Confetti Cannons and Big Confetti Cannon products from Hollywood Special FX is a proactive idea for entertainment professionals who want to remain on the cutting edge of theatrical concepts. Staying ahead of other production companies could enable an entertainment professional to consistently sell more tickets than competing firms.

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