You may be wondering how Hollywood Special FX® can help you, or if Special Effects Products and Equipment are right for you. We’ve come up with some points that just may answer those questions, or more!

Hollywood Special FX® can help you with:

–          Assistance 24/7 via phone, email, text, skype for ANY questions you have in relation to any Special Effect equipment provided on this site for Special Effects uses.

–          Determining what Special Effects equipment would best suite your needs for your budget

–          Installation and custom install on any Special Effects Equipment questions you have, including best practices for safety

–          Information you need on Special Effects Systems listed on this site

–          Detailed and in depth specifics on operation of, safety of, and usage of all Special Effects equipment listed on this site

Hollywood Special Effects® Products are right for you if:

–          You’re a Movie Special FX company and want to include Special Effects equipment in your movie set

–          You’re a Nightclub and want to give club goers that extra hype with some Co2, Fog, Haze, Confetti, or Snow

–          You’re a Special Effects company and are looking to carry Hollywood Special FX equipment

–          You’re a Theater and want to include fog, steam, smoke, haze, snow, co2 or any other Special Effects equipment we offer

–          You’re a Production company and want to add on to your special effects options to up sell to your clients

–          You’re a DJ wanting to add an extra element to your set

–          You’re a Music Band wanting to add more excitement to your performance

–          You’re a Bar and want to give patrons a wow factor during that hit song

–          You’re a High School or College and want to give your team a “Grand” entrance with CryoFX® Co2 Jets when they enter the field

–          You’re a Lighting company and want to add an additional Special Effect to your roster.

–          You’re a Retail Store and want to carry Hollywood Special FX® or represented brands products and/or become a dealer

–          You’re a Online outlet and want to become a Special Effects Equipment distributor

–          You’re anyone else and just want some Hollywood Special FX® in your life for any other reason not listed here!

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