CO2 Swing Jet

Swing CO2 Jet – DMX 512 Kryo FX Co2 Cannon Special Effects 180 deg

$1,629.00 $1,389.00

Product Description

These units look similar to others online but are modified extensively to give a much higher output and incorporate different internal parts to offer options not available on other devices.

Plug and play CO2 Swing Cryo Jet, with hose and fittings ready to use. This package comes with the following:


  • Swing CO2 Jet unit with attached quick connect fitting and base plate for mounting
  • 15′ Foot (5 meters) long Hose with attached quick connect fitting
  • Brass fitting (to connect hose to CO2 Tank) (Tank NOT included)
  • Power Cable
  • 3 Pin DMX Cable (15 foot long)
  • Manual, Safety Guidelines, and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Co2 Fitting Tool
  • 3 Additional Washers
  • Timely Customer Service via phone, text, and email.


NOTE: The CO2 Tank and CO2 are NOT included in this sale. You WILL need to purchase these separately for any CO2 jet to work.

The hose and Swing CO2 Jet listed here have quick connect fittings already installed so you can easily disconnect the hose from the Swing CO2 Jet when not in use. Electricity is required for this package, which connects to any standard US 3 prong wall outlet. Simply connect the hose to the Swing CO2 Jet and the other end of the hose to your CO2 tank. Then connect your DMX cable to the Swing CO2 Jet “In” jack and the other end to any DMX 512 controller, and your ready to go! On this unit, the DMX control allows you to turn the Co2 Jet on or off (blast the Co2 out) and maneuver the nozzle back and forth 180 degrees (for use with DMX 512 controllers). This CO2 Jet shoots a 20′ – 30′ high stream which is about 4′-6′ wide! These CO2 Jets are used in stage productions, nightclubs, bars, live performances, concerts, haunted houses, special events and much more. They are similar to a fog machine but do not linger like fog or set off smoke alarms. The CO2 dissipates immediately after coming out of the jet so the cloud vanishes seconds after the user stops spraying.


For this product page the hose length is 15 feet. If you desire a longer hose, please contact us through this product page or at: [email protected]


For a FREE Co2 info packet, an operation manual, more pictures, custom inquiries, or questions please email us at: [email protected]


Custom options may include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Colors on Nozzle or entire unit to include: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, And Fluorescent Colors which are UV Reactive (Glow in the Black-light)
  • Longer hose: Any length just specify how long!
  • Quick connect joints where the hose meets the tank
  • No quick connect joints where the hose meets the CO2 jet
  • Multiple hoses with quick connect joints (specify length of each hose)

Additional Information

Weight 29 lbs

70 W


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