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Cryo Backpack – CO2 Cylinder Backpack Jet Special Effects Co2 Cannon BP

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Product Description

Completely Mobile with the Cryo CO2 Backpack. This package comes with the following:


  • CO2 Backpack
  • Manual, Safety Guidelines, and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Timely Customer Service via phone, text, and email.


NOTE: The CO2 Tank and CO2 are NOT included in this product page.

This is the CO2 Cylinder Backpack which allows you to go mobile with your HollywoodSpecialFX CO2 Cannon, Cryo Gun, or CO2 Bazooka. It doesn’t get more mobile than this! Used in conjunction with a 20lb CO2 tank, this backpack allows you to strap your 10lb or 20lb CO2 tank right to your back. Simply strap the backpack onto the CO2 tank and then strap the backpack onto your back! This backpack can carry up to a 20lb CO2 Tank. These CO2 Backpacks are used in stage productions, events, bars, live performances, concerts, haunted houses, special events and much more. Special Effects CO2 / Cryo is similar to fog but does not linger like fog, does not leave a residue or weird smell, or set off fire alarms.


For custom inquiries or questions please email us at [email protected]


Add a HollywoodSpecialFX Cryo Gun, CO2 Cannon, or CO2 Bazooka to your order for a discounted rate!

Additional Information

Weight 9 lbs


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